Work Continues

I’m sure that anyone who has ever taken an art class, has probably been tasked with drawing something from a reference picture upside down. The book I’m working through has the same lesson and what follows is my result.

Here is the original source for my upside down drawing:


Here is my result, next to a right side up source drawing:










While I can see many flaws in my attempt, overall I am pleased.  My proportions are a little off (giant hands anyone?!?!) but for a first attempt not too bad, even if my guy kind of looks like he may suffer from elephantiasis.

In other creative capers, I decided to try my hand at the melted crayon art that I am forever seeing posted on pinterest.  Mine turned out all right.  Want to add a lot of bright colors to my currently dull den, so this will make a nice addition – and remind me to smile.


Not for the Faint of Heart

Against my better judgment, I am going to share something I drew.  Perhaps I should warn you that I cannot draw (but desperately want to change this) and the image you are about to see is frightening.

The reason I am sharing it, is to serve as a benchmark for progress (hopefully).  I’m working through the drawing exercises in, Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain, by Betty Edwards.

So here it comes, my self-portrait with no instruction and no makeup, nor drawing skill.


Why am I doing this?  Beyond the want to learn how to draw, I also think it will help me improve my photo-manipulations, i.e., casting shadows and lighting, adding realism, etc.